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As a premium primary care practice, it is our aim to provide personalized and proactive healthcare by incorporating genetic testing and analysis into the primary care setting. We can help identify risk factors for certain conditions and diseases and provide personalized recommendations for diet, exercise, medications, and other lifestyle changes. Additionally, we also address inherited risk factors and lifestyle factors providing family care and lifestyle medicine.

Services offered include:


Genetic Analysis

This can include tests to identify genetic risk factors for various diseases and conditions, such as cancer, heart disease, and inherited disorders. Genetic counselors can help patients understand the results of these tests and the implications for their health and that of their families.

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Personalized Medicine

Based on the results of genetic testing, we can tailor treatment plans to the specific needs of the patient, taking into account their genetic makeup. This can include personalized recommendations for medications, diet and exercise, and other lifestyle changes.

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Preventive-Health-Wellness Services

Preventive Health Checks & Wellness Services

By identifying genetic risk factors for certain conditions, we are able to recommend screenings, tests, and other preventive measures to help patients take proactive steps to maintain their health and reduce their risk of certain diseases.

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Executive Physicals

Many people don’t know that prior to hiring executives many Fortune 500 companies send the candidate for an executive physical to make sure that individual is healthy and not likely to have significant health problems shortly after hiring them.

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Lifestyle Medicine

Genetic testing can provide insight into how certain lifestyle factors, such as diet, exercise, and stress, may affect a patient's health based on their genetic makeup. We can thus provide personalized recommendations for lifestyle changes that can help reduce the risk of certain diseases and improve overall health.

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