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    Comments: First off, I am not compensated in any way by giving this review. I just want to tell everyone I can about this amazing practice because we all deserve the best care!! 360 Health Solutions is a family-owned practice with the sole purpose to helping you live a full, well life. Their goal is to replace the current model of primary care with a more practical/preventative care approach, tailoring services to your unique healthcare needs through the use of blood tests and DNA analyses, along with in-depth discussions related to your health history, lifestyle, needs, and goals. They want you to feel good, prevent diseases, and save you the loads of money you’d spend for emergency care. Dr. Downs is the doctor that founded this practice, and he is the best doctor I’ve ever had! He takes the time to answer all of my MANY questions without making me feel rushed or ignorant, like previous doctors I’ve had in the past. He gives great advice when asked for a referral to a specialist and will always be honest when you ask if your symptoms warrant an office visit. This practice will make you feel at home the minute you walk through the door. I cannot say enough good things about 360 Health Solutions. It’s time to stop looking for a new doctor; you’ve found him! Don’t wait any longer to get well, you deserve to feel good.