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Patrick Downs, D.O.


Doctor of Osteopathic Medicine/ Proactive Healthcare Advocate/ Emergency Medicine Veteran

Dr. Patrick Downs is a seasoned professional in the field of medicine. With a career spanning 15 years in emergency medicine, Dr. Downs has been at the forefront of healthcare, providing critical care to those in need.

Driven by a passion for preventative healthcare, Dr. Downs took a bold step by founding his own practice. His commitment to proactive medicine sets him apart, focusing on preventative measures rather than reactive responses to health issues. This innovative approach reflects Dr. Downs’ dedication to improving and maintaining the well-being of his patients. He still maintains an administrative role with ARH as their CMO for an L-TACH facility as well.

Beyond the medical realm, Dr. Downs leads a multifaceted life. A lover of the open waters, he finds solace and joy in boating, a pursuit that balances the intensity of his professional life. Family holds a special place in Dr. Downs’ heart, as he is the proud father of three girls. His love for his daughters is evident by the time he dedicates to them. He coaches them not only in basketball, but also in life by praying beside them nightly, cherishing moments of shared joy on the lake and in the backyard with them and creating lasting memories. He also enjoys playing the guitar and piano and expressing his creativity through music.

Dr. Patrick Downs is not just a healthcare professional, but a well-rounded individual whose diverse interests and commitments paint a holistic picture of a compassionate, proactive and family-oriented individual.